Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy
    Mao Chuan Industrial Co., Ltd was professionally engaged in the manufacture of stamping parts since its establishment, we have invested a lot of human resources and capital to carry out pollution prevention work for a long time, and obtained ISO 14001 certificate. We keep continuous improvement on environmental pollution, energy and resource saving, waste reduction and other harmful prevention work, in order to reduce the potential environmental risks.

    The whole manufacture process and the main raw materials are in accordance with the provisions of EU RoHS, REACH, and ISPM 15. In order to ensure that our products can meet EU directives or customer’s requirements

    Our company is to fulfill protect the global environment of social responsibility, we are committed to promoting waste reduction process, waste recycling, zero industry pollution, etc. that can reduce the environmental impact caused by production, in order to fulfill environmental responsibility, the Green management and sustainable development are common goals for all company members.

In view of this, our company especially sets up spontaneous environmental management system, and ensures to conform to the national environmental legislations and related regulations, and complies with the following policies and actions:

◎Use Resources Well: Efficient use of resources, take effective action, actively involved in preventing the waste of resources.

◎Continuous Improvement: Monitoring and continuous improvement in environmental performance, do well on process waste reduction and pollution prevention work.

◎Prevent Pollution: Promoting Green products activities, reduce the impact on the environment caused by production.

◎Full Participation: Active propaganda and communication, deepening all company members awareness and responsibility of environmental protection.