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    MAO CHUAN INDUSTRIAL Exhibits to Open Tier 1 Automotive Supply Chain Opportunities

    FF Global 2023 Promotion Feature Coverage
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    50th anniversary of the founding of Taiwan Fu Da and Mao Chuan

    MAO CHUAN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD… The pacesetter of OEM in hardware and foot-ware manufacturing since 1970, in its early stage focused on providing punching machine items, waist latches, hollowed nails, shoe latches, and combined latches.
    With a continuous revolution, MAO CHUAN has undergone a product development of 5 phases which is evolved further into “High-Quality Metal Stamping Technology” with progressive die buildup. Based on its professional know-how in Versatile Metal Stamping Technology, MAO CHUAN is significantly widened product line into automotive, construction, electronic accessories, and all sorts of components for industrial appliances.
    With seasoned skills and a great activity in stamping field MAO CHUAN can supply diversified essential materials, surface finishes, and integrated treatments to satisfy individual client requirements and applications at MAO CHUAN with just one supplier. We even provide customized products with the most comprehensive services to integrate entire production process which is a single point of contact from design prototyping, assembling and final sale packing. Making the complex requests simple and right at MAO CHUAN as customer base.